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 Based in Stirling we are fortunate that we are never really too far from anywhere in the country.

We, at Business View feel face to face contact even in this digital age is important. So whether you are in Inverness or the borders our central location gives us easy access.

Our team of designers, developers, photographers, videographers and editors have the market advantage of being lead by colleagues who have real time business management experience. We feel this gives us a market advantage. As not only do we understand your digital needs, but we understand your business needs. This is a key component when it comes delivering your project. We have on numerous occasions heard from new clients that their previous web company “did not understand my business”, “they never quite grasped my market place”, “misunderstood my business aims”. This does not make them bad web developers – however, truly understanding your B2B or B2C market place –  your route to expansion or in fact if you are aiming for an exit are parts of the recipe that needs to be understood.

We have always considered expanding into various areas ourselves and increasing our offerings, but have resisted as to be specialised in what we currently offer: – Websites, Video and official Google Tours.

Stunning mobile responsive web design. 

Our websites don’t only look great, they also perform. From the start, we consider your content strategy, information architecture, user-pathways and how to present your site to your audience. We focus on a structured approach to designing your website. We obtain a good understanding of your specific market place and use this to build your dynamic and engaging website that truly sells what your business is all about.

We know that you also want something unique and special to your business. We don’t use templates or copy websites. Each project is unique and customised based on your brief to create a website that is truly yours. Our talented team of designers create high-end custom designs for mobile, tablet & desktop to elevate brand perception and increase conversion rates. We focus on functional, yet thoughtful designs throughout the entire website development process.


“Your website is a sales tool, it must get the attention your  business deserves! 

Video production and editing professionals.

We all watch TV on whatever platform (TV, tablet, phone) we are entertained, educated and advised what products and services are best for our daily lives. However, when it comes to marketing our businesses we don’t take full advantage of the medium that has been such an integral part of all our lives. Websites and social media platforms are saying “use video”, “say it with video” “more engagement when video is used” – but the majority of businesses just don’t do it.

It could be home made video with shaky camera does your business more damage than good. Or is it that businesses feel it is just too expensive. We, at Business View have the advantage of producing everything in house – nothing is outsourced and as such we can produce video content to your budget. The only way to find out how cost effective, is to contact us. We have even shown clients how it costs nothing.

Video Production

“The magic of the greenscreen lets you be anywhere in the world”

As a Google Trusted Agency we are your access to the Google Maps Business View market advantage.

Let me repeat the last two words “market advantage” as this aspect cannot be undervalued. This is a real time advantage to your clients and a dynamic visitor experience for them to gain from. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your business around the corner and around the world. Let Google Business View bring potential customers into your venue and witness the scope and offerings you have available.

Google Maps Business View – Street View technology will bring your business to life with a high quality 360 interactive tour. Your Virtual Tour will be visible on Google search results, your Google+ page and Google Maps to give your customers a better sense of layout, décor and ambience of your business. In addition viewers can get a true understanding of the effort you put into your business on their behalf.

Easily embed your Google Maps Business View Tour on your own website and link to share on social media networks, blogs, email and much more…. in addition you can screen grab a countless number of images from the tour giving you yet another market advantage.

This is a low cost and a real time opportunity for Google to bring customers directly through your front door.


“This is a low cost and a real time opportunity for Google to bring customers directly through your front door.”

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